All About Sunrise Shells

Sunrise Shells

Sunrise Shells

You can easily see where beauties get their name from just by looking at them. They come in a gorgeous fan shape in all different colors and shades resembling a sunrise. These shells are one of the most sought after for their history, beauty and rarity. They are only found in Hawaii so that alone makes them very special. Their history goes back to ancient times when only the Hawaiian royal family was allowed to wear to this unique treasure. They are still around today but are hard to obtain because they live in depths of over 200ft. By the time they get to the beach they are usually destroyed from our powerful surf. Because they are so rare and hard to find they are very valuable. If found intact they usually start selling for $100 and go up from there depending on the size, quality and color spectra of the shell. High quality shells can run from a couple hundred into the thousands. This has created a frenzy of shell seekers scouring the beaches and waters day night hoping to be lucky enough to find this natural treasure. Recently there has been an influx in seashell jewelry with sunrise’s being held as the cream of the crop. They are believed to make the wearer blessed and bring them good fortune. Quality shells are an instant conversation piece and everyone loves them. They are so beautiful that they have spread outside Hawaii and are becoming popular all over the world! I wish we could claim that we personally find every one of our sunnies like all our other shells, but we cannot. However our quality standards are extremely strict. We only select very high quality and sturdy shells for Lovely Lehua. We create everything from earrings, rings, bangles, pendants etc. as well as allowing you to pick the exact shell you would like us to integrate in to your custom designed piece.

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